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Do you think your spouse is having an affair or have you been accused of doing something that you haven't done and would like to prove it?

Taking a lie detector test is definitely a significant decision and that is why you simply use only extremely qualified polygraph examiners.

Right here in the Private Detective we retain the services from the UK`s leading polygraph specialists who're all members of the British and European Polygraph Association at the same time as Members from the American Polygraph Association.

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Given this level of expertise and experience you may be assured with the test accuracy in the results plus the sensitive nature in which it is going to be conducted.

The latest research from the American Polygraph Association, has conducted more than 250 scientific studies on the accuracy of polygraph testing. It can be estimated that the accuracy of the results is inside the range of 95 - 98 %.

Our examiners can conduct your test within your personal household anywhere inside the UK,or you may use a local meeting room.

Tests is often conducted 7 days a week, evenings and weekends at no extra charge. Common question are: How much does a lie detector test cost? How many questions can I ask? Are lie detector tests legally admissible? Can it be conducted at my own home? We can give you all the answers to these and many more questions.

Lie Detector Test

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