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Private Detective Sheffield - Fraud Investigation

Fraud affects more and more companies worldwide. It costs a huge amount of time and money to investigate. It doesn't make any difference if the fraud is against an individual employee or against a company we can help find the facts. Areas of fraud we cover include:

  • PC/Computer Fraud
  • Work Force/Employee Fraud
  • Company/Individual Identity Theft
  • All Insurance Fraud
  • Bank Account, Credit Card and Cheque

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Investigating fraud is a complicated and time-consuming business. Our 35 years experience has shown us that the two main problems with investigating fraud are, firstly that the perpetrators are becoming more and more sophisticated at covering their tracks. Secondly it is becoming harder and harder to prove that people intended to commit fraud in the first place. We know how to solve these problems.

If you believe you could be a victim of fraud and it is costing you money and time contact us for a prudent and professional services.

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