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Are Your Babies Being

Looked After Correctly?

Whether or not you're a single parent or in relationship where you both earn a living, your kids can be the greatest headaches but mostly the person looking after them when you are at work. You've trusted the welfare of your babies to a nanny, kid minder or Au pair, but do you know how they are doing their job? Do you have concerns like:

  • Are my babies becoming cared for correctly?
  • Is the Nanny, kid minder or Au pair following my directions?
  • Is the Nanny, kid minder or Au pair becoming mean to my babies behind my back?

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You hired someone to look after your kids while you are at work, but how do you know they are performing what you ask? Not knowing can be a concern. Keep in mind whatever bad things happen to your babies as kids can impact them in an unfavorable way for all their lives. They're vulnerable and require you to protect them.

We've The Answer

Regardless of what your spending budget we are able to help you find the answers. We'll use a mixture of state-of-the-art technologies and surveillance to discover what your Nanny, kid minder or Au pair is saying and going with you babies so you are able to stop worrying.

Call us now to talk about a tailored package and put your thoughts at rest more than the welfare of most significant individuals in your life - your babies.

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