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Many companies use our corporate covert surveillance to investigate multiple absences, disloyalty and dishonesty from their employees.

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Our corporate teams can carry out surveillance and will follow your target to see where they are going and gather photographic and video evidence of who they are seeing wherever they go and whenever they go. Our surveillance operatives are highly skilled and are available 24 hours a day. We are there for you available to send out a surveillance team whatever your needs.

Our corporate surveillance teams number from 2 to 20 operatives. The team will follow the targets every movement, whatever method of transport from train or car and by foot etc. We offer professional surveillance services using state of the art equipment and all our skilled agents have police or intelligence services background.

They use up to the minute covert cameras and video to gather footage of visual, conversational and photographic proof of what they are doing and who with. We will use all of this information and put it into a report in the format of your choice. Contact us now in complete discretion with you requirements.

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